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Welcome to My Partner And I. We're here to...
Liven Up Your Sex Life Make Sex Great Again Break the sex routine Have Fun Naked

An active sex life is good for your mind and body, and one of the things that kills
a sex life is boredom. We built this website to kill sexual boredom.

Our Promise To You

what we do

We find, build and invent games for couples that help keep (or make) their sex lives fun and dynamic. Give it a try today because it's fun, easy and best of all...FREE!

If you need to contact us for any reason, just click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page and we will respond with light speed!

Our Promise To You

We are not a seedy porn website grubbing for every ad view and dollar,
and while we can't control everything, we will do our best to...

Protect Your Privacy

Your information is NEVER shared with anyone.

We Don't Want To Know.

We only want the information we must have to make our games work for you.

We Will Respond.

Report a problem, share an idea or need help, you'll get a quick, personal response.

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Sign up, invite your partner and start having fun. If you have any questions, click the "Contact Us" link below and we'll respond quickly.

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