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30 Days To Better Sex

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Finally, a 30 day plan you'll enjoy! 30 Days To Better Sex is for the in love couple who wishes their bedroom life wasn't so boring and predictable. It's guaranteed to stop the lazy man's favorite sex technique of rub her back, honk a boob, play hole in the mattress! 30 Days To Better Sex also stops "I have a headache" and "OK...hurry up".

We'll take the likes, dislikes and "how often" preferences of you and your partner, run them through our algorithm and for the next 30 days we'll give you some bedroom suggestions (suggestions may not be limited to the bedroom).

This isn't sex every day, if you want sex every day and your partner wants sex every 10 days, you may have some "No Sex" days, some days you'll need to take maters into your own hands and some days when your partner will just have to "take one for the team".

Playing is simple, just Create A 30 Day Sex Plan then login in every day to see what's in store for that day...and do it.

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