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Sex Games For Couples


30 Days To Better Sex

Generate a 30 day sex plan that helps you schedule your sexual interludes. It's more than just a "fool around at 9:00 PM on the 12th", we'll give you a couple of ideas to try for each session without being to very pushy. It won't be sex every day either. We use the results of each partners sexual survey and work to satisfy both partners without pressuring one partner too much.

Follow this schedule for 30 days and we're confident that you'll see a dramatic improvement in your outlook on life in general!

Quickie Sex

When you're horney and in a hurry, quickie sex is a must. No foreplay and no cuddling, quickie sex just meets some needs and gets you both on your way.

But if you're tired of quickie sex always being missionary position or the girl bent over the bathroom vanity, play now. You just click the button and a random sex position is generated just for you!

Scripted Sex

We really think the best sex is sponatneous, something fun that just happens and moves along at it's own pace.

We also know that there is no doubt that after a few years, spontaneous turns into "the same old thing" which gets boring. And when sex gets boring the best case is we do it because hormones force us into it, or worse case we find a person where sex isn't boring.

As you can probably guess, it's a good idea to safely "spice things up" every once in a while, and that is the purpose of scripted sex!

Co-write a sex story

Take a moment to co-write a story with your partner. We think you may find some clues to turning them on that you didn't know existed!

Take turns writing paragraphs of a sexy story. It can be totally fantasy or something from the past or a hint for future activity! One partner starts the story by writing the first paragraph, the other partner picks up the next paragraph and you alternate paragraphs till your story is done or you have to give up writing and hook up with each other!

Sex with a stranger

It's not really sex with a stranger, but hopefully between blindfolds and a bit of direction you can let your imagination run wild and feel like you're screwing someone you've never seen.

In this sex game, we'll assign your partner a new name and give you a something different to say to them and hopefully give you a "signature move" that's not your normal move. So dip into fantasy and have fun!

P.S. It's better to play this game if nobody is home or if you're in a hotel!

Stay tuned, we're creating more games!

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