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Sex Survey Responses

How often do we really need sex?

How often do we really need it! Find out now.

How long should intercourse last?

Is longer really what everyone wants? We've crunched the numbers from our sex survey and have an interesting take on how long we should be in the saddle stroking it!

Do you like anal play?

Anal play can be fun for girls and guys if done correctly and we hope you'll give it a try!

Bondage And Domination - Do you want to try it?

Bondage and domination (B&D) has different levels and can add a lot of spice to your bedroom play!

General Stimulation - Non sexual feel good actions

General stimulation is an important part of sexual foreplay and encompasses many different actions. Hugs, cuddling and holding hands are in this category.

Masturbation Can Still be fun

You can still enjoy masturbation even though you are all grown (doing yourself and your partner)! Many of our sex games include masturbation. Your thoughts?

Oral sex and different levels

Oral sex can be a fun part of your sex life. If you are nervous about oral we encourage you to try it and just don't do much more than you are comfortable with.

Your sex life and watching porn

Watching porn can spice your sex life, but so much porn is totally fake that it can set unreal expectations. Do you like to include porn in your sex life?

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