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My Partner and i Testimonials

This has really helped my husband and I relax more about sex. it's easier to talk more openly and honestly about what we like or be truthful when we are or aren't "in the mood." Surprisingly, this has carried over to other aspects of our relationship. We were both so worried about somehow disappointing the other or thinking we were being selfish when expressing our wants or needs (not just related to sex) that our relationship had become too passive. That's changing! From both of us, thanks for a safe place that lets us rediscover each other.

N. M. (f) 02/28/2016

We turned the autoplay on with scripted sex and had a ton of fun.

T. F. (f) 02/12/2016

We knew there was more than 3 sex positions, but we never used them. MPI gets us to try those positions we often forget about.

W. T. (m) 10/11/2015

When my wife told me we were going to use a "sex script" I wasn't to into it. When we tried it I was amazed to find out how routine sex had become.

S. L. (m) 02/15/2015

After years of "headaches" and "not tonight", MPI has shown us how to both be sexually satisfied even though we have wildly different sex drives.

T. J. (m) 05/19/2014

I love the scripted sex because it nudges us to try new, fun positions and places.

I. A. (m) 02/12/2014

MPI helped us match our likes and dislikes and gave us the chance to safely explore our own personal boundaries.

P. V. (f) 06/13/2013

After 30 days, sex is way better, but we're still letting MPI plan our sex life simply because it's fun!

K. N. (f) 03/22/2013

We can't say enough. MPI helped us break the boredom and have fun with each other again.

O. I. (f) 03/05/2013

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